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About Liberty & 33rd

Furniture; it’s a big deal.

To some, furniture is just a necessary means to contain those necessary items like socks & jeans or to display those Santa figurines. To many of our customers, furniture is so much more. It is about design, aesthetics and its ability to contribute to the overall feel of a space. It still needs to hold the necessities, the trinkets and fine china, but we get it—you care about quality as well as functionality. Besides the things we affectionately call smalls, furniture is a big deal because it’s actually really large (& heavy!). You want to get it right; so we care to get it right for you.

Servicing the midwest as well as the city we love most!

Liberty & 33rd has serviced hundreds of midwestern shoppers. Besides the greater Michiana locals, people from Chicago, St. Louis, Indy, and beyond have come to buy from our inventory because we promise the best quality furniture for the fairest prices. When we were still selling out of a small warehouse, South Bend’s mayor heard word of us and came to buy. If you ever get a chance to tour the historic homes of downtown South Bend, you would have a hard time turning a corner without running into a Liberty & 33rd hutch, stepping on a Liberty & 33rd rug or bumping into a few dressers and buffets that came straight from us.

We curate antique furniture
for your home.

No one wants cookie-cutter anything, except maybe cookies. We started Liberty & 33rd to make quality, antique furniture accessible for every home. Each piece we bring into our warehouse is handpicked by us for its character and quality. It promises to bring an individualistic touch to your home; we can offer one-of-a-kind furniture for your unique home and style. Need a desk with specific measurements and lines for your home office? We know that can feel impossible to find. It’s why we keep growing our inventory.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Give us a call! Better yet, stop in to meet us and tell us what you’re wanting. It’s not so different from taking a picture to your hairstylist. We like visuals for reference, too.

About Adam & Kelsey

(Adam, Kelsey and Max)

Our Story:

In 2012, Adam and I were newly married and trying to make a home (i.e. I was trying to get rid of his bachelor furniture). Somewhere in the process, we discovered a joy in the hunt, the paint and the flipping of gorgeous, unique pieces of furniture. We were selling out of our home and garage. It wasn’t pretty & we didn’t yet have a name. We were just Adam and Kelsey with a house full of wooden goods and office furniture for sale. (Gulp.) With the use of large muscles (and muscles I didn’t know I had), we moved our quickly growing operation into storage garages and eventually a warehouse.

Why Africa is a part of our story.

All this was happening while we were preparing for a huge move overseas. For 18 months, we put our business and American lives on hold while we transitioned to eastern Africa. A love of people and a goal of using our lives to benefit the growth of others led Adam to get a masters in urban development. Enter liberty into our name and business ethos. The knowledge gained from that experience is not lost because we’re back in South Bend now. Equipping and empowering the poor is still our heart, both globally and for South Bend. Liberty & 33rd is a furniture business, yes, but it is also a business with a conscience for social justice. The 33rd in our name is there to always remember our South Bend roots. We’re River Park dwellers and love our neighborhood and city. Liberty & 33rd belongs to northern Indiana and hopes to see South Bend flourish.


Our heart is to liberate oppressed people in the world by liberating antiques. Our business ethos reflects our hearts and passion for those facing serious injustices throughout the world. A portion of the profit from each item sold goes directly towards organizations and ministries that are actively fighting to release from bondage those who are in slavery and are victims of oppressive social structures. For this reason, we pour ourselves into providing and creating quality, one-of-a-kind restored antique furniture.
When you shop at Liberty & 33rd, you are making a difference. A real difference. One that can be physically seen. Currently our main focus is on sustaining 8 rescued street boys in Nairobi, Kenya. With street kids being the lowest on the totem pole, shopping with us is not about the charity case, it’s about changing lives and offering a chance for future success. Ask us about our project in the slum of Kibera; we love to share what is happening in a little home in the middle of that slum.

(Adam, Kelsey, & Max with the children they sponsor in Nairobi, Kenya)